In this struggle, art is my crucible: Amanda Priebe on Abolition

Abolition is the undoing of walls in all their forms, a constant striving to challenge and overturn their commanding presence within ourselves and without, a fierce struggle to unlearn and to face the destructive and oppressive structures that stand uninvited in our daily lives. It is radical creativity, connection, intersection and community action in opposition to narrow, paternalistic, reformist visions of social change. It is a readiness to listen, to be vulnerable, angry, genuine and powerful in imagining a new future. In this struggle, art is my crucible, it is how I understand the world and how I respond to it. Art remains the witness on my journey of abolition, what connects me when words are too distant and what supports me when the path grows steep and the walls high. I believe in this power of art; it is, like abolition, a lifelong practice.

—Amanda Priebe

The following is some of Amanda’s art (click for larger image)

[This post is part of a series of “Abolition Statements” from members of the Abolition Journal Collective and Editorial Review Board. See here for a brief introduction to these posts.]

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