Abolition Statements, A Collection

Here are all of the Abolition Statements published to date, in one place (by order published, as of 13 October, 2015):

  1. Long Live John Africa!: Mumia Abu-Jamal on Abolition

  2. The only moral response to slavery is abolition: Jeannie Alexander on Abolition

  3. In this struggle, art is my crucible: Amanda Priebe on Abolition

  4. 7 Lessons in 1 Abolitionist Notebook: Joy James on Abolition

  5. Abolition is a goal that I use to orient my thinking and action: Michael Hames-Garcia on Abolition

  6. We who believe in freedom, cannot rest: Ahmad Greene-Hayes on Abolition

  7. To build a world that is otherwise: Andrew Dilts on Abolition

  8. Political imagination at work: Jaime Amparo Alves on Abolition

  9. We cannot reform away oppression. It must be abolished: Brian Lovato on Abolition

  10. These are the moments in which another world becomes possible: Lisa Guenther on Abolition

  11. Abolition is a praxis that never compromises the integrity of Black liberation: Damien Sojoyner on Abolition

  12. Fighting for freedom in ways we may have never imagined: Stefanie Gude on Abolition

  13. The production of freedom and liberation from within collective rebellion, insurgency, and community: Dylan Rodríguez on Abolition

  14. Dismantling the architectures of global apartheid: Konstantin Kilibarda on Abolition

  15. Prisons and universities are two sides of the same coin: Eli Meyerhoff on Abolition

  16. I am not searching for perfection: Maisha Jahzara on Abolition

  17. I claim abolition as method and politic: Jasmine Yarish on Abolition

  18. Notes against & beyond our carceral regime: Erica Meiners on Abolition 

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