Abolition Statements: A Series of Introductions

What does “abolition” mean today?

In this series of short statements, Abolition collective and board members invoke abolition in a variety of ways, as frames for interpreting the world, as a mode of being in the world, as a methodology for analysis, as an active commitment to radical freedom. Collectively they emphasize that abolition is less a “cause” that envisions an end victory and more of a practice that requires constant struggle, negotiation, conflict and learning.

These statements thus give a wide range of interpretations of abolition: as a culture, as the creation of communities, as an understanding of the interconnections between different forms of violence, as an epistemology, as a social praxis, as a utopian project, an ethos, an ongoing series of refusals.

Each statement speaks for itself (and is therefore signed individually) and they also speak together, collected as an opportunity for the collective to provisionally define its mission and its approach.

Each week, for the next seven weeks, two to three statements will be posted here. In August they will all be collected together along with several additional essays, works of art, interviews, and pieces that will make up a preview of what to expect from Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics. These first writings will largely come from within the collective, as a public statement of our principles and where we seek to go next. Most importantly, we will also announce our first open “Call For Submissions” for the first issue of Abolition.

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