Contribute to Abolition’s Special Blog Series on the Global Pandemic

We are calling for contributions to our new blog series in response to the global pandemic

  • Send us your submission: HERE
  • We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis
    (submissions that come in before April 22nd 2020 will be considered for our blog site re-launch! )

Abolition in a Time of Global Pandemic

The Abolition Collective is bearing witness, alongside many of you, to the continually worsening conditions of prisons, jails, detention centers, halfway houses, and other spaces of confinement plagued by COVID-19. We know that all spaces of carceral confinement are deadly and that our world would be a safer place if no person was caged.

In the spirit of an abolitionist movement that has long dreamed and struggled towards futures free from violence and oppression, the Abolition Blog puts forth this Call for Submissions, so that we can collectively support and report on the wave of critical, grassroots organizing – underway in this very moment –  to free people from confinement.  

We are here to spread the news and amplify the voices of rebels taking action against oppression on small and large scales!

For more information, see below

We ask you to join us and share your analyses, your work, and your resistance to the disposability of our lives across all borders. We welcome submissions in all forms including but not limited to:

  • Long Form Articles (up to 2,500 words) 
  • Short Form Articles (up to 1,000 words)
  • Interviews
  • Letters
  • Audio recordings
  • Videos
  • Communiques/Manifestors
  • Artwork/Graphics
  • Poetry/Short Story
  • Statistics/Infographics/Maps
  • Inspirational ideas and events

If you would like to propose an idea for submission, please write to us at [email protected]

If safety is a concern for you, anonymous submissions are also accepted. 

We welcome submissions from formerly and currently incarcerated people and other often marginalized communities including youth/students, Indigenous peoples, Black people, Latinx, Asian, and other racialized people, 2SLGBTQIA+ people, Muslims, women,  people with different abilities, migrants, poor and unhoused people, sex workers, and all people who are directly affected by state violence. 

We are here, with you and for you. 

-The Abolition Collective

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