Warfare in the American Homeland

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Preface: The American Archipelago

The contemporary world’s work has become policing, halting, forming policy regarding, and trying to administer the movement of people. Nationhood—the very definition of citizenship—is constantly being demarcated and redemarcated in response to exiles, refugees, Gastarbeiter, immigrants, migrations, the displaced, the fleeing, and the besieged. The anxiety of belonging is entombed within the central metaphors in the discourse on globalism, transnationalism, nationalism, the break-up of federations, the rescheduling of alliances, and the fictions of sovereignty. Yet these figurations of nationhood and identity are frequently as raced themselves as the originating racial house that defined them. When they are not raced they are . . . imaginary landscape, never inscape; Utopia, never home. —TONI MORRISON, “HOME”


Preface: The American Archipelago xi

Acknowledgments xix

Introduction: Violations 3

joy james

I. Insurgent Knowledge

1. The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal 23

frank b. wilderson iii

2. Forced Passages 35

dylan rodríguez

3. Sorrow: The Good Soldier and the Good Woman 58

joy james

4. War Within: A Prison Interview 76

dhoruba bin wahad

5. Domestic Warfare: A Dialogue 98

marshall eddie conway

6. Soledad Brother and Blood in My Eye (Excerpts) 122

george jackson

7. The Masked Assassination 140

michel foucault, catherine von bülow, daniel defert, translation and introduction by sirène harb

8. A Century of Colonialism: One Hundred Years of Puerto Rican Resistance 161

oscar lópez rivera

II. Policing and Prison Technologies

9. Racial Profiling and the Societies of Control 197

jared sexton

10. Jihadis in the Hood: Race, Urban Islam, and the War on Terror 219

hishaam aidi

11. The Effects of Repression on Women in Prison 238

marilyn buck

12. Ponderings from the Eternal Now 250

carol gilbert, o.p.

13. Resisting the Ordinary 273

laura whitehorn (with susie day)

14. Cultures of Torture 290

william f. pinar

Youtube video image: Zen Garcia

15. Katrina’s Unnatural Disaster: A Tragedy of Black Suffering and White Denial 305

manning marable

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