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At 8pm on Friday, May 29 2020, just blocks from the epicenter of the uprising fighting for justice for George Floyd in the streets of south Minneapolis, armored vehicles and hundreds of national guard advanced on Hiawatha Avenue.

The curfew was in effect and the state offered no options in Minneapolis for an unsheltered couple camped outside. The shelters were full, and the hotels promised to the large encampment left them and many others behind.

They finally found refuge in a hotel a few blocks away. Throughout the night, people came in with harrowing stories of terror from police and other white supremacists. Our community stood outside to protect the building as the National Guard shot at them with rubber bullets. So much of our beloved Lake Street burned around us.

The next morning, we learned that the hotel owners planned to evacuate, but so much of the community was still in need of shelter. With the owners gracious support, people stepped forward and created a mutual aid community care system. In less than 24 hours we housed nearly 200 people and are now organizing meals, first aid and harm reduction services, security teams, and housekeeping to make a home for people in need during the worst pandemic in recent history.

Together, we have turned this hotel into a Sanctuary and resource hub for our neighborhood.

There is no going back to how things were – this isn’t a hotel anymore, this is a community resource made possible by George Floyd. George Floyd was a shelter worker. He worked at the largest homeless shelter in Minneapolis. He supported and advocated for people experiencing homelessness while he was alive, and this Sanctuary will be a part of his legacy.