Armondo Collins Will Tell His Own Story, Thank You Very Much

Image credit (above): Daijara Collins

Armondo Collins, Black Studies Professor

Presented here (below) is an interview I recently did with Frank Stasio from “The State of Things” that discusses the criminalization and over-policing of Black bodies in the Twin Cities. One of the underlying premises of the interview was that I am a Minnesota native who writes and teaches about state sponsored white violence against Black people. Both personally and professionally, I am an author who seeks to tell his own stories beyond the national narrative of the Black experience created by the agents of America’s white supremacist culture.

Unfortunately, the format of a 45-minute interview doesn’t allow for an in-depth discussion of the many important topics we glossed over in our conversation. This brief presentation of the topic will hopefully open up a broader conversation about:

  • The legal (Philando Castille). and extra-legal (Trayvon Martin) policing of Black people.
  • The silence around state sponsored violence against Black women.
  • Pratical strategies for ameliorating the inherent economic, political and social inequality faced by Black people in the United States.

Click here for NPR interview with Armondo Collins