Abolitionist RealPolitik on a Womanist Platter: Ode to the SHEroes – Jallicia Jolly

[image: a Haitian cultural performance on coping with trauma, by dancer Veronique Ignace] From Lionheart Gyals and Downtown Ladies to ‘Welfare Queens’ and ‘Pappa’s Maybes’, I am directly from the lineage of revolutionary WOMANcestors. Bursting from delicate wombs of black goddesses, we rise with …

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Abolition Journal’s Inaugural Issue – Call for Submissions

Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics is seeking submissions for the journal’s inaugural issue. Abolition is a collectively run project supporting radical scholarly and activist research, publishing and disseminating work that encourages us to make the impossible possible, to seek transformation well beyond policy changes and toward revolutionary abolitionism. In that spirit, the journal invites submissions that engage with the meaning, practices, and politics of abolitionism in any historical and geographical context. This means that we are interested in a wide interpretation of abolitionism, including topics such as (but in no way limited to): prison and police abolitionism, decolonization, slavery abolitionism, anti-statism, anti-racism, labor organizing, anti-capitalism, radical feminism, queer and trans* politics, Indigenous people’s politics, sex worker organizing, migrant activism, social ecology, animal rights and liberation, and radical pedagogy. Recognizing that the best movement-relevant intellectual work is happening both in the movements themselves and in the communities with whom they organize, the journal aims to support activists, artists, and scholars whose work amplifies such grassroots activity. We encourage submissions across a range of formats and approaches – scholarly essays, art, poetry, multi-media, interviews, field notes, documentary, etc. – that are presented in an accessible manner.

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